IIS server out of space


IIS logging is enabled by default.  If the log files are not periodically deleted, then eventually, they will fill up the IIS drive.



To free up drive space, delete the logs at the following location:


Note, replace C: with the correct drive letter if IIS was not installed on the C drive


Optionally, disable IIS logging to prevent this in the future.

Steps for IIS 7:

  1. Open IIS Manager
  2. Select Default Web Site
  3. Double click on IIS > Logging
  4. Select Disable in the Actions pane (on the right)
  5. Select the server name in the connections pane (on the left)
  6. Select Restart in the Actions pane (note, this will end the web sessions for anyone connected to this server so only do this when everyone is okay with the disruption)

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