Noritsu Printer with Shimon Driver

Noritsu has released their new Shimon printer driver for the dDP series printers. This driver enables the printer to print at 1000 dpi, which is satisfactory for printing latent prints. Also, this driver qualifies the dDP series printers to be used as an FBI Appendix F Certified Printer for anyout printing tenprints and/or latent prints.

Once the Shimon driver is installed, the "standard" functionality of the dDP OM unit is disabled while the Shimon driver is active. When the Shimon driver is active, the only method for printing is to submit a print job from a connected (networked) workstation. You can, however, disable the Shimon driver and operate the printer using the normal print GUI on the OM unit.


The following steps define how to access the normal print mode so you can operate the machine using the normal print GUI after installing version 6.0 (Shimon) in the DDP.

When switching back to "normal print" mode you must:

1) Close the application to get to the desktop
2) Click "Start"
3) Click "Programs"
4) Click "Noritsukoki"
5) Click "OM-2"

All the application programs will launch and show up on the task bar.

Click on the DDP icon on the right hand side of the task bar to launch the application.

Now when you click "close" on the setup/maintenance screen and it will open the normal print mode.

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