Nikon D810 camera settings


Image size for JPG and TIF images can be set by pressing the QUAL button and rotating the sub-command dial (on the right side of the camera) until the desired option is displayed in the control panel.  For maximum image quality, they MUST set the image area to FX format (which provides a 36 x 24 mm format) together with the L (Large) resolution.  If they have selected M (Medium) or S (Small), this will cause a HUGE pixilation problem when the images are downloaded and displayed.

Image size for NEF (RAW) photographs cannot be set using the QUAL button and command dial.  Users must set image size for NEF (RAW) images using the menu on the back of the camera.  The NEF (RAW) recording modes MUST be set as follows:

Image size:  RAW L (Large)

NEF (RAW) compression:  Off

NEF (RAW) bit depth:  14-bit

If Image size is set to RAW S and NEF (RAW) compression is set to On, the users will also experience pixilation problems images are downloaded and displayed.

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