Epson V7XX Scanner Settings

Configuring the Epson Perfection V7XX (ex: V700) Scanner is critical for maximizing its effectiveness.

The Image Type parameter should be 24-bit color, and the resolution should be set to 1200 DPI for evidence, such as latent prints. You can use a resolution of 600 DPI for non-evidentiary materials (i.e., documentation such as a scanned image of the lift cards that you receive just to document that you received those latent lift cards).

Under Adjustments, all of the check marks should be turned off. (By default, the Unsharp Mask function is enabled when you install the software.)

At the very bottom of the Epson Scan window, there is a button labeled Configuration. Click on that button to open the Configuration dialog box. At the top of the Configuration dialog box, click on the tab labeled Color. Then check the option "No Color Correction" then click OK.

Then click OK to close the Configuration dialog box.

Also, don't forget to set your File Save Settings. Those settings are accessed by clicking on the folder icon just to the right of the Scan button at the bottom of the Epson Scanner window. That's where you can set your image format as well as your compression level if you are scanning images and saving them as JPG files. For EPSON JPEG Plug-in Settings, make sure you set the compression to 1 (highest quality) and Encoding should be Standard.

Again, you must save your scanned latent prints or other evidentiary items at 1200 DPI and use Image Format Type TIFF (the very last item on the list).

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