Comparing a tenprint card from AFIS in ADAMS

How to bring an EFT formatted tenprint card from an AFIS system into ADAMS and prepare it for comparison.


  1. Using the Universal Latent Workstation (ULW) software, export the tenprint card as a PNG image file.

  2. Acquire the PNG image file into the Foray ADAMS System. 

  3. Select the newly acquired image (PNG file) and the corresponding latent print, and open the images in Adobe Photoshop using the “Process in Adobe Photoshop” option in Foray ADAMS.

  4. After the AFIS and corresponding latent print images are open in Adobe Photoshop, select the PNG (AFIS) image file.   

  5. Using the Crop tool, crop the matching reference print from the composite tenprint card image

  6. From the menu bar, select Image and then Image Size.  Make sure there is a checkmark in the Resample option box, and the Resample mode is set to Automatic.

  7. In the Resolution field, set the resolution to 1000 PPI.  (Some AFIS solutions still use a default output of 500 PPI instead of 1000 PPI, which is why you must confirm that it is set to 1000 PPI.)

  8. (Optional)  Depending upon the clarity/crispness of the image, the quality of the tenprint image may be “improved” by choosing Image and then selecting Apply Image.  Choose the blending option “Multiply” and adjust the contrast using the Opacity parameter.

  9. From the Actions panel, run the Latent Print Comparison action, which will automatically create the side-by-side display with separate layers for marking minutiae, tracing ridges and annotating areas of distortion or other problems. 

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