Steps for Performing System Validation and Performance Check on the Foray Adams System

There is a very simple way to both validate and confirm the performance of the Foray ADAMS system, which I would recommend on an annual/semi annual basis.  That process would be as follows: 


  1. Make up a sample latent impression with and a corresponding tenprint card.  The background of the latent should be colorful, but not so colorful that it is difficult to suppress the background without affecting the latent impression.  (I would suggest using a non-porous or semi-porous substrate, so that you can develop the impression using a process that is not affected by time, such as is the case with ninhydrin as it fades over time.  This way you can put the latent impression and matching tenprint into a file and save it for future performance tests.)
  2. If the sample latent impression is on a flat surface, scan as well as digitally photograph the latent impression and acquire it into the Foray Adams system.   Confirm that both images have been uploaded into the system, and confirm that the metadata is readable in Adams Web (Asset Info View). 
  3. Calibrate the digitally photographed image, and select Process from the menu bar and process both images (scanned and digital images).  Once the images are in Photoshop, suppress the background so that only the latent impression is visible.  Save the processed images and close Photoshop to return to Adams Web.  Confirm that both processed images were returned to the Foray Adams System.
  4. Select the original and processed images for both the scanned and digitally photographed latent impression.  From the Reports, print a 1:1 Report (4 per page).  When the images have been printed successfully, use a scale to confirm that the images were printed as life-size (1:1) images.
  5. Log out and close the Adams Web window.
  6. Restart Adams Web.
  7. Retrieve the test case that you just completed.  Confirm that the system has retrieved the case and all the images are viewable.
  8. Scan the corresponding tenprint card into the Adams system.  Compare the two processed latent impressions to the tenprint card and confirm that the corresponding tenprint image matches both, the scanned and photographed latent impressions.
    After completing this test, enter the findings (system performance successfully validated or system performance test completed successfully) of the test in a log book.  (I recommend keeping a sheet in the same folder with the test images so they can be retrieved quickly and easily , and then use them to test the system again.  If you keep the printed results, you can also compare color, contrast, etc. of the system over time.)

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