32 and 64 bit Applications

Some Foray applications are 64 bit, some 32 bit, and some support both.

When both are supported, the OS architecture (i.e. 64 or 32 bit) determines which is installed.

Note, when Photoshop is used with Adams Bridge or Digital Workplace, Photoshop must be the same architecture (i.e. 64 or 32 bit) as Adams Bridge or Digital Workplace.

Acquisition Servicex64
Adams Adminx64
Adams BridgeBoth
Adams I9N Servicesx64
Adams Update ServiceBoth
Adams Webx64
Adams Web Integrationx64
AFIS Connectx32
Archive Servicex64
Configure AdamsBoth
Device Gatewayx64
Digital AcquireBoth
Digital Acquire CLx64
Digital Viewerx32
Digital Workplacex32
Health Checkx64
License Serverx32
Purge Servicex64
Relay Servicex64
Update Servicex32
WAN Acquire ServiceBoth
WAN Connect Servicex64
WAN Connect Uploadx64
Chromatic FFT FilterBoth
Image Calibration FilterBoth

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