How to Browse or Explore a Directory Server

Sometimes it is desirable to browse a directory server. One such case is when determining what keys to use for communication with a directory server (the values in the bottom half of the Directory Server tab).

To do this we will use a Java application called LDAP Browser. It can be downloaded from the Downloads section of the support site and is also available in ServerSetup/Tools.

  1. Unzip the file
  2. Go into the Browser282b2\ldapbrowser directory
  3. Double click lbe.bat
  4. In the Connect window Click New
  5. Enter a name for the session (ex: ForayAdams)
  6. On the Connect tab
    1. Enter the Host name or IP address
    2. Set the port as 53911 for a Foray Adams Directory Server. Otherwise leave it as 389
    3. Click Fetch DNs and select the Base DN from the drop-down
    4. If anonymous queries are not allowed then enter the user DN and password (for Active Directory use the username instead)
    5. Click Save
  7. Double-click the session name

At this point you can browse the directory server.

For instructions on how to find the values necessary for the Directory Server tab see the article Determining the values for the Directory Server configuration tab

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