Chrome Extension Group Policy

This article explains how to create a domain group policy object to install the Chrome Windows Remix Clickonce Handler extension. This extension allows Chrome to identify and install ClickOnce applications like AdamsBridge which is used for export and processing.


On the Domain Controller: 

  1. Download the attached and extract the files.

  2. Copy chrome.admx to c:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\

  3. Copy chrome.adml to c:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US\

  4. Open Group Policy Management

  5. Group Policy Management -> Forest -> Domains -> domain -> Group Policy Objects -> Default Domain Policy -> (right click) Edit…

  6. In Group Policy Management Editor:

    1. Default Domain Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Administrative Templates -> Google Chrome -> Extensions -> Configure the list of force-installed apps and extensions (If Google Chrome does not appear as an option, then the chrome.admx file must not have been copied to the right place or was not read correctly.)

    2. Select Enabled

    3. Show

    4. Add

    5. Enter 

    6. OK to finish adding

    7. OK to close the Show dialog

    8. OK to close the configure dialog

    9. Close Group Policy Management Editor

  7. Close Group Policy Management

  8. A workstation reboot is required for the policy to be applied.  The user will be prompted to save the installer and then they must run it. Once installed, the extension can no longer be locally removed on the workstation. If the user is not prompted, then selecting the extension will prompt them to download it. Then they should run it to get it installed.

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Apr 11, 2019 by Diane Hancock

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