Publish to IIS

The ADAMS I9N Services can be published directly to IIS on a remote server but it takes some setup. This document outlines what needs to be done.

Web Deploy for IIS

The Web Deploy package for IIS must be installed on the server.

Download and install the package

When installing choose “Complete”.

Management Service

  1. Open, or close and re-open IIS Manager.

  2. Select the Server under Connections

  3. Open Management Service under Management

  4. Make sure “Enable remote connections” is checked

  5. Start or Restart the service


  1. On the machine running Visual Studio

  2. Open the AdamsI9NServices solution

  3. Right-click the AdamsI9NServices project

  4. Select Publish

  5. Target = Web Server (IIS)

  6. Next

  7. Web Deploy

  8. Next

  9. Configure connection

    1. Server - The FQDN of the server you wish to publish to. Ex: myserver.mydomain.tld

    2. Site name - The web site and virtual directory. Ex: Default Web Site/AdamsI9NServices

    3. Destination URL - Ex: http://myserver.mydomain.tld/AdamsI9NServices

    4. Skip the username and password

    5. Finish

  10. Click Publish

  11. Enter the username and password of a user with administrative privileges on the server



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