Export IE Settings for Comparison

If Adams Web is behaving differently on two machines that have the same version of Windows and IE, then it may be that the IE settings are different.  Use these steps to export the IE settings so they can be compared.

  1. Copy the IEZoneAnalyzer directory (see \\file-server\foray\Support\Tools\IEZoneAnalyzer) the machines to be compared
  2. Run IEZoneAnalyzer.exe on each machine and follow these steps:
    1. Show Effective Settings > Set  > Local Settings
    2. Show Effective Settings > Security zone > Intranet
    3. Select the View Effective Settings button
    4. Export > to Excel...
    5. Close the window
    6. Zone Map Viewer
    7. Export > to Excel...
  3. Compare the Excel files from the two machines either visually or using VLookup functions

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