Adams Bridge downloads rather than installing

When first visiting the Assets page in Adams Web the Adams Bridge ClickOnce application, if enabled, downloads rather than prompting the user to install it. The solution will vary based on the web browser.

Adams Bridge is a ClickOnce application. This allows user without administrative privileges to download it from Adams Web and install on their workstation. It will automatically update when a new version is available. Adams Bridge facilitates downloading of multiple assets and directories as well as processing with third party applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop.


Chrome does not support ClickOnce natively. An extension is needed to add support. The Window Remix ClickOnce Helper adds support for ClickOnce to Chrome.

This extension can be added individually by each user on each machine, if they have the necessary privileges. Alternatively this extension can be added via group policy. See the Chrome Extension Group Policy KB for more information.

Edge Chromium

Edge Chromium supports ClickOnce but it is disabled by default.

It can be enabled by each user on each machine, if they have the necessary privileges, by navigating to edge://flags/#edge-click-once and selecting Enable. You will then have to Restart the browser.

Alternatively this flag can be set via group policy. See the Edge Chromium ClickOnce Group Policy KB article for more information.

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