In Chrome Adams Bridge Dialog Does Not Open


In Chrome, upon Navigating to the Assets page in Adams Web, Adams Bridge does not download, install, or open. No dialog appears for Adams Bridge at all.

The Windows Remix ClickOnce Helper plugin is in the toolbar and the extension is enabled.

No errors appear in the Javascript console (F12).

The server's FQDN is in the sites list for the Intranet in Internet Options.

The user has "Process Assets" privilege and Advanced User license or "Export Assets via Bridge" privilege and Standard User license.


The extension being enabled does not mean it is installed for the current user and machine.


  1. Click on puzzle piece in Chrome's toolbar
  2. Click on the three dots (more actions) next to the Windows Remix ClickOnce Helper
  3. Click Options
  4. A new tab will open and the EXE should automatically download
  5. Run the EXE

If the EXE does not automatically download then it may be blocked by the network (router, firewall, or anti-virus).

Paste the following URL in a browser's address bar to test.

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