Edge Chromium ClickOnce Group Policy

Edge Chromium support ClickOnce applications but it is disabled by default. This article explains how to install and enable the group policy. Adams Bridge is a ClickOnce application.

To set the group policy enabling ClickOnce in Edge Chromium you must first install the Edge policy files.

Download Policy Files

  1. You will need these files on the domain controller. Either download them there or copy them there after they are downloaded.

  2. Go to the Edge Chromium download page

  3. Select the Channel/version (ex: Current)

  4. Select build (ex: most recent)

  5. Click Get Policy Files

  6. Extract the zip

Deploy the Group Policy File

Add the group policy files to the policy definitions directory on the domain controller

  1. Domain Controller

  2. Copy MicrosoftEdgePolicyTemplates\windows\admx\msedge.admx to c:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\

  3. Copy MicrosoftEdgePolicyTemplates\windows\admx\en-US\msedge.adml to C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions\en-US

Set the Policy

  1. Open Group Policy Management

  2. Group Policy Management → Forest → Domains → domain → Group Policy Objects → Default Domain Policy → (right click) Edit…

  3. Group Policy Management Editor

    1. Default Domain Policy → Computer Configuration → Policies → Administrative Templates → Microsoft Edge

      1. Open: Allow users to open files using the ClickOnce protocol

      2. Select Enabled

      3. OK

    2. Close Group Policy Management Editor

  4. Close Group Policy Management

  5. A workstation reboot is required for the policy to be applied.


Microsoft Edge - Policies


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