How to change the asset folder Digital Workplace opens on startup.

To change the asset folder that Digital Workplace opens on start up use the following steps.

1. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\"logged on user"\Local Settings\Application Data\Foray_Technologies\Digital_Workplace.exe_StrongName_5ap0phq1pvqxhusknmstn2vubps3kisw

or %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Foray_Technologies\Digital_Workplace.exe_StrongName_5ap0phq1pvqxhusknmstn2vubps3kisw

2. Go in to the most recent folder.

3. Open the user.config file in Notepad.

4. Go to this line. <setting name="SelectedAssetFolderId" serializeAs="String">

5. Change the value under that line to either another number or nothing.

6. Close and save the file.

7. Open Digital Workplace.

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