Azure AD Integration with On-Premises Active Directory

The Foray ADAMS hosted solution integrates with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). This means that you can continue to manage accounts in your on-premises Active Directory and your users will be able to access the Foray ADAMS hosted solution with those same accounts. Disable an account on-premises and it will be disabled in the cloud.

You own the Azure AD account. You control it. Foray is merely granted limited rights so that authentication and authorization can occur.

Azure AD Government

The Azure AD tenant must be a Public/Commercial/Business tenant not an Azure Government tenant. This is because Azure Government currently has limitations such as limited support for collaboration. This is critical for sharing with external users. If you must use an Azure Government tenant please contact Foray Support to learn what options are available to you. As of February 2021 this limitation may be lifted. Microsoft’s documentation does not yet reflect this change. If a government tenant is desired please contact Foray Support for more information no how to verify if this will work.

Choose the Integration Method

Microsoft offers three different methods of integrating with Azure AD. Your first step is to choose the integration method you wish to use. You will then implement your chosen integration and activate syncing from your on-premises Active Directory to Azure AD.

The three integration options are:

  1. Password hash synchronization (PHS)

  2. Pass-through Authentication (PTA)

  3. AD Federation Services (AD FS)

Here are two resources to help you decide which is the best integration method for your organization:

What is hybrid identity with Azure Active Directory?

Choose the right authentication method for your Azure Active Directory hybrid identity solution

AD Connect

All three integration methods use Azure AD Connect

What is Azure AD Connect?

Single Sign-On

Once you are integrated you can optionally configure single sign-on.

Azure Active Directory Seamless Single Sign-On

Connecting the Foray ADAMS Applications

Once Azure AD has been integrated with your on-premises Active Directory the next step will be to connect the Foray ADAMS Applications with your Azure AD instance. To do this you will need some configuration parameters from Foray and to follow the steps in Connect Foray ADAMS to Azure Active Directory. Please contact Foray Support when you are ready for this next step.