Crash/exit viewing live video from Axis camera


Any application (ex: IE, Digital Acquire) that tried to play H.264 video from a specific Axis camera crashes


The following is Axis' suggestion on how to troubleshoot/isolate.

  1. Download and run graphedit.
  2. Select OpenUrl and input the url: axrtsphttp://server/axis-media/media.amp
  3. Press play.
  4. Does this work?
  5. If not, try to open a h264-recording in graphedit. It can be recorded with AMC on another computer, enable recording button in live view config.
  6. Open the recording in graphedit.
  7. Try to play it.
  8. Does it crash?
  9. If not, click on microsoft dtv-dvd decoder and press delete.
  10. Seclect graph-insert filter
  11. Expand directshow and select axis h264 decoder.
  12. Right click on the srcfilter pin (raw video 0) and select render pin.
  13. Press play.
  14. Does it crash?